Traveler’s Delight Therapeutic Massage

Since 2010, we have served clients who travel to Cleveland for work, for seminars, to visit friends and family, and for a whole myriad of reasons.  So much so that, at some point, we came up with a specific session geared towards those who have been traveling in a plane or car, and have the Continue Reading


Sports Massage – Cleveland’s Best Sports Massage

When it comes to sports massage, Cleveland has a bit of a shortage of places that truly give a deeply therapeutic massage that is designed to help clients to recover from exercise.  Whether you are a world class athlete or a weekend jogger, a proper sports massage will target the specific areas of your body you Continue Reading


Traveler’s Delight Couple Massage – Not Offered Anywhere Else

For six years our office has made it our mission to create sessions that reflect the various needs of our clients.  During that time, we have seen a huge number of traveling clients.  In fact, about half of the couples who come in are here visiting friends or family, are here on vacation, or here Continue Reading