We Accommodate Our Clients’ Schedules

Since 2011, we have regularly gone out of our way to accommodate the schedules of our clients.  If you call us ahead of time, we can usually figure out a time that will work for you.

We can even come in on a Sunday morning or do a couples massage after 5 pm during the week.  We just ask that you not wait until the last minute to contact us.

Seasoned Massage Therapists On Call

We utilize highly-skilled and seasoned massage therapists.  Because of this, our therapists do not just sit around the office – they come in on an as-needed basis.  This is one of the secrets as to why our massages are so wonderful.  So if we are doing a couples massage we need to know ahead of time so that we can have two therapists available for your session.  And, for all appointments the more advanced notice we have, that increases the chance of you getting the appointment time you need.

The Queen of Odd Hours

I used to work in the legal field as paralegal and legal secretary (14 years) and I worked really long hours and often did not leave work until 7 p.m.  When I would leave work most of the places where I wanted to get an appointment were closed.  I found this to be very annoying and so I vowed to make myself more accessible if I ever opened my own office.  Therefore, I am able to do appointment start times as late as 9 p.m. so long as I know AHEAD OF TIME.


We get lots of clients testimonials but this is one we just got on April 9th because we arranged to come in 2 hours before our Sunday start time so this couple could celebrate the wife’s birthday…

“Arranged an appointment outside of regular hours without hesitation.  Very prompt responses.  Awesome and comfortable atmosphere.  I naturally began relaxing and will definitely return.  A genuine and no pressure attitude.  Loved it!”  Christopher A. – Stressbuster Couples Massage; April 2017

To schedule your appointment, call or text Donna at 216-640-6851.  We respond to texts first and will respond to texts between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. so you don’t have to apologize for contacting us between those times.

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Donna Agrinsonis

Donna Agrinsonis is a massage therapist licensed through the Medical Board of Ohio. She serves clients through her massage practice – Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy – located in the heart of Beachwood, Ohio. She and her staff specialize in couple’s massage, deep tissue, relaxation massage, and sports massage. Donna is also certified in prenatal massage. Donna has a background working in high-end spas, chiropractic clinics and she used to head up the massage services at a prominent country club in Beachwood. All sessions offered through her practice are super therapeutic and contain some form of hot stone therapy and real bodywork designed to have clients moving better, experiencing less pain, and feeling like a brand new person…

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