More Client Testimonials

Here are some more of the client reviews from our client Testimonial/Feedback Sheet that our clients fill out before leaving the office: “The environment was really relaxing and comfortable.  I enjoyed my first experience here, and I would come back any time.  My massage was one of the best one I have had so far!”  Continue Reading

sports massage

Sports Massage Testimonials

I pulled together a few of our most recent sports massage testimonials. “Whoah!  My Mom set my appointment with Donna since I am in an area college and I am on the basketball team.  Unfortunately, we do not have massage at the school so I came here.  I was surprised at how knowledgeable she is Continue Reading


More Client Testimonials

Here are some more client testimonials: 2017 “Donna and Paula were lovely.  They made us feel very comfortable.  They both addressed our needs.  This was a wonderful first experience for me and my husband.  Highly recommend their services!”  Leah M. and Aaron P.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – Nov. 2017 “Donna is amazing!  She knows Continue Reading