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A note from the owner:  “I am just sitting here typing up more client testimonials.  About a third of our clients are from out of town and this is the one thing they say helps them the most when seeking out massages in the area – hearing from our clients.  It is important to note that we are successful because of ALL of our therapists.  I get calls at times from clients who only want to book with me, but I hand pick all of our therapists, and they are quite qualified.  I see their skills for myself because everyone must do a massage audition on ME before they ever work with us.  I then provide additional training in any areas where they need it.  So if you book with us and you get someone other than me – just know ALL my therapists are excellent and are part of the reason for our RIDICULOUS amount of great client reviews!”

We end up with a huge stack these testimonials at times because clients have the opportunity to do them after their session is over.  We also have many clients do reviews on Facebook and Google Business Pages (via Google Mapsl) but these written ones – well that means I must take the time to type them all up to post on our website, Facebook, etc.

Anyway, it just warms my heart to see how many clients really love the work that we do.  We really do go out of our way to make clients feel super welcome, treasured, and super pampered.  And, we try our best to create that rare combination of serious pain relief + a soothing, enjoyable session and it just feels good when you realize the majority of our clients actually appreciate what we do.

Newest Testimonials

“My wife and I came for a couples massage.  Love it!  Will definitely be back soon.”  [This client also made a verbal comment – He said that he has gotten massages from one of the massage therapists who work on Lebron James and he said Chanel’s massage is as good or better than that therapist’s massage.] Michael T.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – July 2017

“I feel that every muscle was massaged thoroughly.  My body is less sore and very relaxed.”  Roni C.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – July 2017

“Setup was easy – and Donna makes you feel @ home.  Had the couple’s 90 min session with Donna and Chanel.  My wife and I will be back again.”  Mike P.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – July 2017

“The space is really nice, clean and cozy.  The service is amazing.  Totally recommend it.”  Mariana P.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – July 2017

“This was the BEST massage I have ever had.  Chanel was phenomenal!  Highly recommend the hot stone therapy.  Again, the best I’ve ever had.”  Kathy P.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – July 2017

“Chanel was amazing; very attentive to my personal needs.”  Tenequa A.; Heavenly Stones Relaxation – July 2017

“Donna was awesome!!! Welcoming, knowledgeable and great at what she does! I felt comfortable, relaxed and most importantly calm! For my first time getting a massage I felt rejuvenated and on cloud nine!! I recommended her already and will be returning!! -KuWanna; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – July 2017

“Although I have had a hot stone massage before.  Sherri was exceptional in her use of the stones to deepen the relaxation.  I am amazed that she was able to relax me w/o any pain.  A rare combination of effective and dreamy!  Jennifer C.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – May 2017

“Donna paid attention and asked questions regarding my most bothersome areas.  Very relaxing atmosphere; clean and professional.”  JaQunda S.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage  – April 2017

“My appointment was set up same day I came in which was so nice of Adrian and Donna to make time for me.  I have never felt so relaxed and stress free.  I am sooo glad I chose to come here.  100% recommend.”  Stefani M.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – April 2017

“Everything was great from setup to the massage.  Donna was amazing.  Gentle, calming, and paid attention to my every need.  I felt more flexible leaving and a lot less pain!”  Briana L.; Baby Moon Couple Massage – April 2017

“It is clear how much love and attention Donna puts into making your massage experience peaceful and enjoyable.  The atmosphere was tranquil and beautiful and the massage was truly an amazing sensory and physically restorative experience.  I was in another dimension!  Thank you Donna!”  Meredith M.; Stressbuster Deluxe – March 2017 (Turns out this client is a massage therapist from another state).

“Top quality and very professional.  Would come back for another couple massage.  Really liked hot stones.”  Derek H.; Prenatal couple massage – March 2017

“Massage was really relaxing and loved the hot stone therapy.”  Dee V.; Sports Couple Massage 90 minutes – March 2017

“Clean, relaxing, a very welcoming/comfortable environment.  Pressure was to satisfaction, and she focused on the areas that was discussed prior to the massage.”  B. Vega; Sports Couple Massage 90 minutes – March 2017

“Great, calming environment.  Very good massage session, will definitely return and refer friends.  Thank you!”  Lakisha S.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage 75 minutes – March 2017

“I had the combination deep tissue and relaxation massage for 90 minutes.  This really helped relieve muscle soreness in my back and shoulders.  I enjoyed the use of hot stones to warm my muscles.  In addition, the pressure was enough to help break up tissue.”  Seth P.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – March 2017

“What a wonderful experience!  The massage itself felt amazing!  Donna and Sherry (sp) have heavenly hands!  Simply peaceful and relaxing.  We feel renewed and rejuvenated.”  Nadia D. and Ethan S.; Heavenly Stones Couples Massage – March 2017

“My experience was very enjoyable and relaxing.  I felt very comfortable and the surroundings were very pleasing.”  M. Pinkney (mother of a regular client) – March 2017

“Had a wonderful couples massage.  I felt comfortable, relaxed, and renewed at the end.  The hot stone therapy was a wonderful touch.”  Kate C.; Stressbuster Deluxe Couple Massage – March 2017

“A very wonderful detailed experience.  Would love to continue.  A mental and physical healing process with Sherri.”  Sergio F.; Stressbuster Deluxe Therapeutic Massage – March 2017

“Wonderful experience!  The hot stones are a must!”  Logan S.; Stressbuster Couple Massage – March 2017

Valentine’s session:  “My massage was very relaxing and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!  The hot stones were amazing!”  Aubrey D.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

Valentine’s session:  “Donna made setting up our couples massage very easy.  They were very professional upon arrival.  They took time to ask us if we had any problem areas that they should focus on and attended to those areas.  I loved the hot stone therapy and the heated massage table.”  Phillip D.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

Valentine’s session:  “Relieved aches I didn’t know I had.  Hot stone foot massage = amazing.  We did a couple Valentines massage.  It was perfect.”  Matthew W.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

Valentine’s session:  “I loved how the hot stones were incorporated with the relaxation and deep tissue.  Completely relaxing and I feel so much less stressed.  Highly recommended!  So friendly and welcoming!” T. Kurtz; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

“This was my first stone massage and it was amazing.  I would recommend everyone try it out.”  J. Hicks; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

“Very welcoming and relaxing.  Easy to set up appointment and in an easy to find location.  10/10 Hot stones were great.”  J. Deacon; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

“The massage felt amazing.  We got a couple massage and they were both really attentive to our individual needs, problem areas, and sore spots.  The whole atmosphere was so relaxing (music, smells, calmness).  We both loved the hot stones!”  Elizabeth C.; Heavenly Stones Couple massage – February 2017

“Great service from the start:  from setting the appointment (fast and efficient) to the great massage and warm welcoming of Vanessa!  I will definitely come back.”  Jeff G.; The Bomb Sports Massage – February 2017

“I loved the website and the massage.  The stones were wonderful.  The music was great and my therapist was so good.”  Janet M.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage; Therapist – Adrian (male therapist) – February 2017

Valentine’s session:  “Excellent! Easy to find.  Great experience.  Donna knows.  First time massage and will certainly be back for more.  Wish we could stay all day!”  John and Valerie M.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – February 2017

“So welcoming!  A very calm and relaxing feeling throughout my whole experience!”  Katie P.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage (90 min) – January 2017

“This was my first time having stone and deep tissue massage and Donna’s stone techniques were amazing.  I felt differences immediately.  I walked out feeling less stressed and more mobile.  She was able to explain what she was doing and why.  This was important.”  Elizabeth K.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – January 2017

“The space was very nice and inviting.  Loved the little chocolates and water!  Enjoyable service.”  Mareena G.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – January 2017

“Called last minute and the lady was sweet and kind enough to get both me and my husband in.  Very professional.  OMG the deep tissue massage was out of this world and fell asleep as well.  Thank you so much.  My therapist was great!”  Simon R.; Heavenly Stones – January 2017

“Wow!  I have had a few massages before but just for relaxation.  Donna asked if I had any aches or pain that she needed to address during the session.  I work out 5 times a week but said I felt fine.  But during the session she found several areas that I have clearly over-stressed during my crazy workouts!  I have to say, that combo of warm stones and deep tissue has me feeling like a whole new person.  She definitely knows her stuff.  Love the soothing environment and fountain too!  Will definitely tell some friends about this place!”  Andrew W.; The Bomb Sports Massage – January 2017

“Self care is important and finding a comfortable, skilled and safe environment to enjoy a massage is awesome.  Thank you.”  Melissa G.; Heavenly Stones couple massage – December 2016

“The massage was excellent.  Very professional and relaxing.  The hot stones were amazing and added another dimension to the massage.  I would highly recommend to everyone.”  John H.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – December 2016

“I walked in with horrible back and shoulder problems and when I was done with my massage I felt great and like a younger person.  Highly recommended.”  Dave K.; Heavenly Stones couple massage – Decembere 2016

“The massage was hands down one of the best I’ve received.  The atmosphere was extremely relaxing and they knew exactly what they were doing.  I would highly recommend this to everyone.  I’m definitely going to be a repeat customer.”  C. Yonish; Heavenly Stones couple massage – December 2016

“I felt great when I walked out the door.  The couple massage for my husband’s 50th birthday was great.  He had sciatica pain, but appeared to be walking a lot better after his massage.”  Angela and Christopher I.; Heavenly Stones couple massage – December 2016

“When you visit Cleveland, Ohio Donna is one massage therapist you must visit.  Very professional.”  Christopher I.; Heavenly Stones couple massage – December 2016

“This massage was terrific.  The hot stones provided an extra level.  My therapist paid attention to the areas that were sore, and I truly felt rejuvenated.”  Heidi J.; Heavenly Relaxation massage – December 2016

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Donna Agrinsonis

Donna Agrinsonis is a massage therapist licensed through the Medical Board of Ohio. She serves clients through her massage practice – Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy – located in the heart of Beachwood, Ohio. She and her staff specialize in couple’s massage, deep tissue, relaxation massage, and sports massage. Donna is also certified in prenatal massage. Donna has a background working in high-end spas, chiropractic clinics and she used to head up the massage services at a prominent country club in Beachwood. All sessions offered through her practice are super therapeutic and contain some form of hot stone therapy and real bodywork designed to have clients moving better, experiencing less pain, and feeling like a brand new person…

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