Remember to Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season

I was just sitting here reflecting on the year gone past and I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful clients who have come into our office this year.  We really appreciate you giving us an opportunity to serve you.

The Hustle and Bustle of the Season

I also wanted to remind you all to please take time out for yourself this season.

too much stressI watch clients this time of year and I pay attention to people as I shop and go to the grocery store and run errands this time of year and it never fails – I see the same STRESSED faces year after year.  This can be a magical time of year for many of us, but it can also result in a lot of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed…

I think sometimes we all get so caught up in running around trying to find the right gifts, and trying to make it to the best sales that we forget that we also need to be taking care of ourselves.  Taking the time to do something wonderful for yourself at this time of year is super important.  Paying even closer attention to your health is even more important.

You want to get to the end of the year and still be at your best.  Some of the things you can do for yourself are:

  • Include some extra workouts in your regimen for the next month up until the end of the year as this is a great stress-buster;
  • Drink several extra glasses of water as dehydration alone brings about a whole world of annoying symptoms and can cause you to feel unnecessarily fatigued;
  • Set aside time to sit in a room in complete quiet with the television, cell phone, and computer off as this will allow you to fully recharge no matter how busy your day is (15-30 minutes works wonders);
  • Avoid people you  know who are super negative as they will bring you down;
  • As you purchase gifts for friends and family, make a tradition of purchasing yourself several items that you love every year;
  • Buy your favorite bubble bath and some epsom salt (2 cups per bath) and soak for 20 minutes at night in really warm water for 20-30 minutes with your favorite soothing music and a candle;
  • Schedule an appointment for a relaxation massage or combination massage as this will go a long way in keeping your stress levels low as well as helping your body to feel it’s best.

A Little Reflection on Creating Traditions for Yourself

When my children were all little, I would sometimes go overboard buying them presents and I would spend a lot of money on them.  You see, I pretty much raised 4 children mostly on my own.  Making the holiday season for them magical was a full-time pursuit and it sometimes would be exhausting because I was usually working full-time too.  However, I created a tradition of going to Macy’s in Atlanta every year, just for me, and I would buy myself the prettiest night gown and robe, a wonderful new perfume, and a pair of house shoes.  This became my thing for years and it did wonders to help keep my spirits high and I never worried about what others would give me for Christmas because I already had my favorite things taken care of!

It is important to create family traditions but it is SUPER IMPORTANT that we also create traditions that include caring for our own mental and physical well-being.  Just something to think on this  holiday season.

Our Most Pampering Massage Sessions

We are unusual in that most of our sessions include some level of relaxation massage and ALL of our sessions include hot stone therapy.

back massageIt is that hot stone therapy that clients find so incredibly soothing and ridiculously relaxing.  You see, using hot stones in a massage to enhance the massage, engages the nervous system in a way that takes relaxation to a whole new level.  We actually get the most comments from our clients on how much they love the way we mix in the warmed stones during their session.

The sessions that offer the most relaxation and stress relief are:

  • 90 Minutes of Heaven
  • Heavenly Stones Couple Massage
  • Traveler’s Delight Therapeutic Massage
  • Serenity Prenatal Massage
  • Stressbuster Deluxe Therapeutic Massage

For a full list of our sessions CLICK HERE.

To Schedule a Session

To set up your session, simply call or text Donna at 216-640-6851.  We see texts first and you can set your appointment fully by texting if that is more convenient for you.  We believe in fully utilizing technology to make things easier for everyone.









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Donna Agrinsonis

Donna Agrinsonis is a massage therapist licensed through the Medical Board of Ohio. She serves clients through her massage practice – Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy – located in the heart of Beachwood, Ohio. She and her staff specialize in couple’s massage, deep tissue, relaxation massage, and sports massage. Donna is also certified in prenatal massage. Donna has a background working in high-end spas, chiropractic clinics and she used to head up the massage services at a prominent country club in Beachwood. All sessions offered through her practice are super therapeutic and contain some form of hot stone therapy and real bodywork designed to have clients moving better, experiencing less pain, and feeling like a brand new person…

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