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Massage Gift Certificates available for purchase online.  See the GIFT CERTIFICATE BUTTON below. 

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A Special Message From the Owner

“When you give a gift certificate for massage therapy, you are doing more than just giving a quick gift.  You are giving the gift of good health, pain relief, and stress relief all in one!  You are giving them something that is definitely all about them.  You are also introducing the person to a self-care service that they may enjoy for a lifetime.

You see, I got my first massage as a result of friends giving me and my husband a gift certificate to Spa Sydell in Atlanta.  It was for $350 and I broke it up into several massage sessions.  After that, I kept getting massage for many years and it became one of the most important things I did for self care.”

People Need Massage Now More Than Ever

We have been in business for over 10 years, and I have never seen so many clients coming in who are severely stressed, tired, and experiencing chronic pain.  We are all living in unprecedented times and I guarantee you that the people you are around every day are often suffering in silence.  Females, in particular, are experiencing a ridiculous amount of stress because many of them have had to deal with children being home during the pandemic and even if the kids are back in school, they know that could easily change again.  Many clients say they are working much longer hours and many are working from home in less-than-optimal conditions.

Clients Are So Happy To Use Their Gift Certificates

Seeing clients come in with a gift certificate never gets old.  They are often really excited, especially if they have never received massage therapy before or their last massage was a very long time ago.  Make someone’s day by giving them a gift that is JUST FOR THEM.

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Opening Up A Whole New World

I am sitting here thinking back to my very first massage.  That was over 20 years ago, but a friend of ours gave my husband and I a package to Spa Sydell in Atlanta, Georgia.  My husband had zero interest in massage so I got to use $350 of services all by myself!  Hey!  That was great and  it opened up a whole new world to me.

Massage Gift Certificates AvailableYou see, I had NEVER had a massage before.  Never even thought about it.  But, in the first 5 minutes of being worked on I knew I would be a lifelong client of massage therapy.  I was going thru a really stressful time in my life.  I had little children and a very shaky marriage and things were not going well and my entire body was just knotted up!

Long story short, I bought one spa product but ended up using the majority of that $350 spa package on massages and after that I paid for massages myself.  Getting regular massages made such a difference in my life that years later I became a massage therapist myself…

Special Occasions Galore

Gift Certificates are the perfect gift to give for a special occasion.  Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine Day, Sweeties Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Mother’s Day, celebrating a new job or welcoming a person to a new city – these are all great times to give the gift of massage.  

We also offer an EXTRA SERVICE where if you need a more decorative gift certificate – all you have to do is order your gift certificate online and include all the information.  After that simply call or text Donna and let her know you need a CUSTOMIZED gift certificate and she will get your email address and any other info and get it prepared to send to you.

Chronic Pain Requires Multiple Sessions

Things like sitting at a desk all day, traveling in cars and planes, picking up little children constantly, car accidents, standing on your feet all day, walking for work on a daily basis, performing lifting and physical labor in your line of work, and living with prior injuries can often result in CHRONIC PAIN.  

Regular massage therapy will help to alleviate this pain and what I have seen is clients who started coming to us for one thing, totally resolving that problem after a number of sessions.

Chronic pain or even chronic stress requires several sessions to help the body to reset itself and release pain patterns.  This is where giving someone a series of sessions is often a good idea.  We offer several packages that will allow you to give a person a series of sessions.

Purchase Your Gift Certificate

To purchase your gift certificate simply click the button below.  If you need more information then call or text Donna at 216-339-3401.

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